♥ ♥ ♥


Come to the celebration of who we are
Come to the celebration, we’ve come so far
Come to the celebration I am unique
Come to the celebration, I’m here all week

You know we are a perfect face
You know we are a perfect place
You know we are all love and show
You know we are the person to know

We are a generation of plastics
We are a generation of change
It’s time to love us, who we are
Don’t leave our pieces in a jar
So no, hell no, we won’t go!
Hell no, we won’t go, hell no!
To that party…

Beauty comes in so many faces
Beauty lives in each one of us
Beauty attracts the truth and life
Beauty is as beauty does

I am all I am today
I am what comes out to play…


[Music & Lyrics Copyright © 2010 Julie Wind & Evan Wind]