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We are not what happens to us – we are who we choose to become.

Testimonials & Notable Feedback

Thank You. - Sarah Klaren | Invincible Fortitude
I’ve created a compilation of some of the most meaningful feedback I’ve gotten from my readers. All the support and encouragement I receive is incredibly inspiring, and I am truly grateful! My foremost reason for writing what I do is for me, of course, but hearing that I’ve touched or inspired others in some way or another – it creates this absolutely wonderful feeling and helps to fuel my motivation to keep writing. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


“These are such great life lessons! There are a multitude of ways that we can come to know these truths, and sadly, it typically takes us quite a long time. Luckily, you learned these early enough to have a positive impact on others!” – Dr. Allison Brown [In response to “5 Major Things Being a […]

Dr. Allison Brown

“How you’ve chosen to deal with it [trauma] is inspirational and so many of us women can draw strength from your resilience.” – Twenty-Something Tash ❤

Tash ❤

“I’m reminded of that old saying, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Especially true in your case – you’re such an inspiration to all of us on how to move forward with life! 🙂” – Flossie McCowald,

Flossie McCowald

“I’m so glad you began blogging. You have a knack for it and your writing is a worthy read.” – Angela Noel

Angela Noel

“Wow! A true fighter and survivor. Yes, you will inspire many others out there who may experience similar. Keep up the good work!” – Gloria McBreen,

Gloria McBreen

“Yes! I’ve already found your bio and the post I’ve just read incredibly inspiring. Fantastic work.” – @thebeasley


“I love how you have turned such a traumatic situation on its head and come out shining! Stories like this inspire me and remind me.of how resilient us human beings are.” – Mind Over Meta

Mind Over Meta

“Sarah, women like you need to be the role models for others out there. Despite the bullying and horrors you experienced… look how you’ve bounced back!” – Ritu Bhathal,

Ritu Bhathal

“Oh wow I am now such a Sarah Klaren fan! You are so inspirational. I am still tingling after reading your story. Will be visiting this blog more often. 🙂” – Lucy Mitchell, Blonde Write More Blog

Lucy Mitchell



Brotherhood of the World Award
(January 6, 2018)
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