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We are not what happens to us – we are who we choose to become.

Testimonials & Notable Feedback

Thank You. - Sarah Klaren | Invincible Fortitude
I’ve created a compilation of some of the most meaningful feedback I’ve gotten from my readers. All the support and encouragement I receive is incredibly inspiring, and I am truly grateful! My foremost reason for writing what I do is for me, of course, but hearing that I’ve touched or inspired others in some way or another – it creates this absolutely wonderful feeling and helps to fuel my motivation to keep writing. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


“I love how you have turned such a traumatic situation on its head and come out shining! Stories like this inspire me and remind me.of how resilient us human beings are.” – Mind Over Meta

Mind Over Meta

“Oh wow I am now such a Sarah Klaren fan! You are so inspirational. I am still tingling after reading your story. Will be visiting this blog more often. 🙂” – Lucy Mitchell, Blonde Write More Blog

Lucy Mitchell

“I’m reminded of that old saying, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Especially true in your case – you’re such an inspiration to all of us on how to move forward with life! 🙂” – Flossie McCowald,

Flossie McCowald

“Sarah, women like you need to be the role models for others out there. Despite the bullying and horrors you experienced… look how you’ve bounced back!” – Ritu Bhathal,

Ritu Bhathal

“How you’ve chosen to deal with it [trauma] is inspirational and so many of us women can draw strength from your resilience.” – Twenty-Something Tash ❤

Tash ❤

“I’m so glad you began blogging. You have a knack for it and your writing is a worthy read.” – Angela Noel

Angela Noel

“Wow! A true fighter and survivor. Yes, you will inspire many others out there who may experience similar. Keep up the good work!” – Gloria McBreen,

Gloria McBreen

“These are such great life lessons! There are a multitude of ways that we can come to know these truths, and sadly, it typically takes us quite a long time. Luckily, you learned these early enough to have a positive impact on others!” – Dr. Allison Brown [In response to “5 Major Things Being a […]

Dr. Allison Brown

“Yes! I’ve already found your bio and the post I’ve just read incredibly inspiring. Fantastic work.” – @thebeasley




Brotherhood of the World Award
(January 6, 2018)
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